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Dig your own – Ethics of pay to dig out entire sites

Recently on the American Archaeology Fieldwork website the following website was highlighted, after it appeared in a google ad.


but they are not alone, with other sites offering a chance to dig up entire sites and keep your finds.

What about this one

Randy’s Dig is a private pay dig on private property located in

Kerr County, Texas – the heart of The Texas Hill County.

Dig for arrowheads 7 days a week.


and of course the wonderfully named Digfest


UPDATE________________     LOOTERS message

The picture of digfest you have is me and my best friend. You do not have our permission to show this picture and I would appreciate you removing it immediately.


so picture of  people who take without recording has been removed.   🙂


and this one

Yea that was a good day of digging DIGFEST 09 had fun dug up some good ones some of thoes old looters know more about texas point typeology than you ever will and thanks for the link to Randys dig found some good ones there to


So there you have it… looters who are happy to be looters!

I did point out that they may know more but they don’t contribute anything…  and the typology that they know was built by archaeologists…  they take  you lose…  🙂


So there you have it…  Looters who are happy to loot your heritage.    sad..  sad sad!



Enjoy this looters… and stand proud – you take… we all suffer!









Here, we are seeing mining of sites… this goes beyond surface collection or any other type of artefact collection from the topsoil….this is mining that bears a resemblance to the site looting we see in Bulgaria and Iraq for example.

the image below is from http://www.savingantiquities.org/feature_iraq.php

Looters waving from Isin. the archaeological site

Looters waving from Isin. the archaeological site in Iraq

Can you spot the difference?  I can’t…   the entire removal of an archaeological site in a disorganised and unskilled way is deplorable?   Is it illegal?   Well seems that Private land is Private in the USofA   and you can do anything it seems…  BUT…  what about the states legislation of Native American Artefacts and burials?  What happens if they hit one?   worth a look by the authorities Hmmmmmm

The Archaeology Fieldwork has sent these websites to AZ SHPO and AGs office – but will it force them to be more secrative…  and who are these ‘diggers’?

Seems that this is more common than we thought..  but some collectors are not that happy either and demand support and action



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Past Horizons Magazine – Issue 9 – August

Issue 9

Issue 9

David and Maggie (editors) would like to welcome you to the latest edition of Past Horizons Online

Journal of volunteer archaeology and training

Past Horizons Magazine – Issue 9 – August

Back as a quarterly journal, and packed with amazing articles and ideas for volunteering in archaeology around the world.

The magazine is now available here:


with new cutting edge flip page technology and embedded videos, as well as live links taking you straight to websites with more information. (you will need a fairly up to date computer)

If you can’t use this for whatever reason, we have also uploaded a simpler PDF version here:


You can now explore the world of Past Horizons on google earth – just use this kmz file (you must have google earth installed)


Now see what you are missing.


Rocky adventures in Croatia and Scotland.

News stories from around the world.

Fresco Hunting in Western Bulgaria

Since 2008 Balkan Heritage has been cataloguing beautiful Orthodox frescoes found in the crumbling remains of mediaeval churches and monasteries in western Bulgaria. With the help of volunteers they aim to bring these frescoes to the attention of the world.


The eMakhosini valley in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, is known as the Valley of the Zulu Kings. Here, two local legends are being explored concerning the Ngobese Zulu and the Siblikeni Homestead of King Senzangakhona.

Starting Out

A group of like-minded Brislington residents in the UK get together to form their own archaeology project.

The Looting of Ratiaria

The tragedy of the wholesale looting of an ancient Roman city in north western Bulgaria.

Time Team America

A look at the five-part series of the brand new Time Team America.

Dig In

A selection of archaeological volunteer digs and field schools for 2009/2010.

Dig Cook

Culinary escapades from Annie


David Connolly discusses the benefits of viewing the familiar with a fresh pair of eyes.

Back Pages

Indiana Jones and the world of advertising.

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A sad story – one womens experience in CRM – from About.Archaeology

With the new impetus to change Pay and Conditions in the USA, and BAJRs support of this drive..

 see Archaeology Fieldwork

I found this story..  a timely reminder that we must act and act now… on


Shovel PittingArchaeology is one of the most horrifying fields to work in. I just read the story of Slave, and I couldn’t agree more. As a result of all of the experience that I have gained I have become so thoroughly disgusted by the profession that I have lost all love for archaeology. I feel like I’ve been kicked, starved and abused. There is definitely a much “darker” side to archaeology, and I feel so strongly that it should not be ignored. It would have been a help to have had a realistic picture of what I was in for when I started  ……………………………………..(read more )

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