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Adventures in Archaeology


Issue 10

Adventures in Archaeology
Issue 10 Past Horizons Online Journal of volunteer archaeology and training.
November 2009

Past Horizons now celebrating its tenth issue, consists of 48 pages of free to read content. The main articles cover current archaeological excavations and conservation around the world. We also have the much loved contribution from Annie Evans our very own ‘Dig Cook’ and the Back Pages present four comedyvideos for your enjoyment, on the subject of archaeology.

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Up From the Ashes  14
In 1815 on the Indonesian island of Tambora a massive volcanic eruption caused a pryoclastic flow which wiped out all in its path. The tiny Kingdom of Tambora disappeared under the ash. Now, almost two hundred years later the carbonised but well preserved remains are slowly being uncovered.

Making Preservation Happen 32
Slovenia is a small nation with big ambitions to preserve its wealth of historical buildings. Two Slovenians are at the forefront of this work and have reached out to the international community for help. Now in partnership with Colorado based Adventures in Preservation, hands on workshops are now up and running.

Archaeology Through the Keyhole  8
Dating of hillforts has long been the subject of debate amongst archaeologists. Murray Cook argues that keyhole excavation is the way forward.

Prepare for Action  38
Dominic Hall, a field skills expedition leader shares some of his top tips for enjoying a safe but exciting adventure.

A Series of Fortunate Events  20
Metal detectorist Peter Twinn describes the series of events in his life that led him to discover a passion for archaeology.

Fort St. Joseph  26
A 18th century French frontier fort involved in the fur trade provides the subject for an exceptional award winning community archaeology project.



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Past Horizons Magazine – Issue 9 – August

Issue 9

Issue 9

David and Maggie (editors) would like to welcome you to the latest edition of Past Horizons Online

Journal of volunteer archaeology and training

Past Horizons Magazine – Issue 9 – August

Back as a quarterly journal, and packed with amazing articles and ideas for volunteering in archaeology around the world.

The magazine is now available here:


with new cutting edge flip page technology and embedded videos, as well as live links taking you straight to websites with more information. (you will need a fairly up to date computer)

If you can’t use this for whatever reason, we have also uploaded a simpler PDF version here:


You can now explore the world of Past Horizons on google earth – just use this kmz file (you must have google earth installed)


Now see what you are missing.


Rocky adventures in Croatia and Scotland.

News stories from around the world.

Fresco Hunting in Western Bulgaria

Since 2008 Balkan Heritage has been cataloguing beautiful Orthodox frescoes found in the crumbling remains of mediaeval churches and monasteries in western Bulgaria. With the help of volunteers they aim to bring these frescoes to the attention of the world.


The eMakhosini valley in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, is known as the Valley of the Zulu Kings. Here, two local legends are being explored concerning the Ngobese Zulu and the Siblikeni Homestead of King Senzangakhona.

Starting Out

A group of like-minded Brislington residents in the UK get together to form their own archaeology project.

The Looting of Ratiaria

The tragedy of the wholesale looting of an ancient Roman city in north western Bulgaria.

Time Team America

A look at the five-part series of the brand new Time Team America.

Dig In

A selection of archaeological volunteer digs and field schools for 2009/2010.

Dig Cook

Culinary escapades from Annie


David Connolly discusses the benefits of viewing the familiar with a fresh pair of eyes.

Back Pages

Indiana Jones and the world of advertising.

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major new TV show with Dr Zahi Hawass – Archaeologists wanted

Do you want to appear on a major new TV show with Dr Zahi Hawass?


A new television series for the History Channel is seeking an Archaeology or Anthropology Expert/Professor AND several student Archaeology or Anthropology majors or recent graduates! (Please do NOT submit if you are only an enthusiast.) This expert and the students will be a part of a small team that will travel to several digs in Egypt with the legendary Dr. Zahi Hawass. (If the expert and/or the students have experience in Egyptology even better, but this is not a requirement.) This series will be the adventure of a lifetime! There is also pay to be negotiated. And the time commitment is roughly October 2009 through February 2010. We understand this may seem like a long time frame for some professionals and students, but it is an opportunity unlike any other! If this sounds like you, please email Nigel for the auditioning instructions and if you are not currently on the Past Preservers talent database, please send a current CV, including your date of birth, nationality, and mention of any previous experience working in the media, along with a photograph of you, to nigel@pastpreservers.com

Please note if you have applied previously to this appeal, you can reapply and your application will be considered again http://www.pastpreservers.com/

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Past Horizons Magazine issue 7

Past Horizons Magazine
Issue 7 – March 2009
David and Maggie (editors: Past Horizons) would like to welcome you back (has it really been 2 months!) This is a packed edition and I think with every issue, we actually enjoy it more, and hope you do too!
for the super dooper version!

for the online Pdf version

An ongoing excavation of the fortified township of Artezian in the Crimean peninsula. Focusing mainly on the era of the Bosporan Kingdom, particularly the time of the war with the Romans of 44-45 AD where a wealth of finds has enabled the archaeologists to build up a strong narrative for that time.

Slievemore – Excavating a Bronze Age Platform
Achill Archaeological Field School began excavating what looked like a roundhouse platform on the slopes of Slievemore mountain. Stuart Rathbone discusses why he now thinks the structure is not domestic and may have a more ritual purpose.

Accessible, Inclusive Archaeology
How to make the study of archaeology accessible to everyone. Reading University leads the way in facing that challenge.

Low Level Aerial Photography
Adam Stanford discusses the benefits to the archaeologist that this particular method of photography can bring.

The Scottish Episcopal Palaces Project has been excavating at Fetternear, the summer palace of the mediaeval Bishops of Aberdeen.

Rock-Art Field School
Malaysia is the focus of this rock-art field school which brings together experts from around the world at the forefront of research.

Dig Cook
Annie Evans on culinary escapades, with a delicious recipe each issue.

and much much more…

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Past Horizons – Issue 6 – Heritage Volunteer Journal

The latest issue..

to see the full interactive version, with videos..


Past Horizons Magazine
Issue 6 – January 2009

Survey: Beyond the City Walls of Jerash
Surveying the hinterland of Jerash, an ancient Decapolis City in Jordan has become a race against time to discover and map as many sites as possible, many of which are being lost to development.

Colouring the Past at El Pilar
Dr. Anabel Ford describes a unique project that combines archaeology and conservation in the Maya forest amongst the ruins of El Pilar.

Two Monsoons
Archaeologist and buildings historian Tom Addyman describes the past, present and future of the decaying Scottish Cemetery in Kolkata and the enormous task of surveying the six acre site.

Putney Debates
Re-enactment group the Tower Hamlets Trayned Bandes bring to life the 360th anniversary of these historic discussions

A Scottish initiative that enables communities to interact with their local monuments to safeguard their future.

Dig Cook
Annie Evans on culinary escapades, with a delicious recipe each issue.

and more…

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Past Horizons archaeology

Past Horizons Archaeology .. http://www.pasthorizons.com/shop – sister company to the trusted BAJR website

We know what you want because we use the tools, and have done for over 25 years. Why choose cheap when you can have quality.

Add to that a fab free magazine http://www.pasthorizons.com/ magazine a Heritage video site http://www.pasthorizons.tv/tv and even a site that give free access to hundreds of volunteer sites around the world! http://www.pasthorizons.com phew… now that is something worth visiting

Past Horizons Magazine

Past Horizons Magazine

Past Horizons Opportunities

Past Horizons Opportunities

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Past Horizons Journal Archive


Past Horizons Magazine

Past Horizons Magazine


A new Document group that holds all the pdf versions (5 so far)  of the new online free journal of archaeology, conservation and heritage. 

To see the full and visually stunning version..  with video, live links, sound and pageflip!  Go here:


Choose an issue, and read, an online magazine with a difference.!

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