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Past Horizons Magazine issue 7

Past Horizons Magazine
Issue 7 – March 2009
David and Maggie (editors: Past Horizons) would like to welcome you back (has it really been 2 months!) This is a packed edition and I think with every issue, we actually enjoy it more, and hope you do too!
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An ongoing excavation of the fortified township of Artezian in the Crimean peninsula. Focusing mainly on the era of the Bosporan Kingdom, particularly the time of the war with the Romans of 44-45 AD where a wealth of finds has enabled the archaeologists to build up a strong narrative for that time.

Slievemore – Excavating a Bronze Age Platform
Achill Archaeological Field School began excavating what looked like a roundhouse platform on the slopes of Slievemore mountain. Stuart Rathbone discusses why he now thinks the structure is not domestic and may have a more ritual purpose.

Accessible, Inclusive Archaeology
How to make the study of archaeology accessible to everyone. Reading University leads the way in facing that challenge.

Low Level Aerial Photography
Adam Stanford discusses the benefits to the archaeologist that this particular method of photography can bring.

The Scottish Episcopal Palaces Project has been excavating at Fetternear, the summer palace of the mediaeval Bishops of Aberdeen.

Rock-Art Field School
Malaysia is the focus of this rock-art field school which brings together experts from around the world at the forefront of research.

Dig Cook
Annie Evans on culinary escapades, with a delicious recipe each issue.

and much much more…


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More to come – It’s not all Bad

Raiders of the Lost Ego

To lighten up the whole Biography thing, after the past few posts, I thought it might be good to show that adventure and excitement does come –  I became what I always wanted to be..  an adventurer, a wild archaeologist in the grand tradition, a warrior, poet and er…   fantasist .  Well, in some cases I created the adventure to suit what I wanted, I found myself shot at, stabbed, lost in the desert, surveying huge tracts of mountains, searching for lost towers, living with locals, chewing Qat, smoking fishpaste tobacco, drinking vast quantities of Vodka and White Spirits.  If you can keep with the rambling tales, then prepare for true stories (and that’s the worrying thing!)  of recording Tell sites under rifle fire, climbing sheer cliffs to reach a hidden village, finding lost cities and ancient steel furnaces, being arrested by the Police in almost every country, mainly due to unfortunate misunderstandings..  I assure you…  and having run ins with Iraqi secret police, gun runners and whiskey smugglers, even attempted armed car jacking in Mexico.  Lets not forget escaping the KGB after a small altercation about a photograph and the fabulous times being Beatrice D’Cardi’s driver and bodyguard…  Tall tales they may be, but fortunately there was always someone nearby to say… “I can’t believe it… that could only happen to you!”

 Here are a selection of images to whet your appetite…   and no comments about my urban combat chic please!  So you see, there is better to come…     (scroll down to view)

 I kind of got on to this – because of this:

National Geographic’s Expeditions Council


The National Geographic Expeditions Council (EC) is a grant program dedicated to funding exploration of largely unrecorded or little-known areas of the Earth, as well as regions undergoing significant environmental or cultural change. EC grants support a wide range of projects including marine research, archaeological discoveries, documentation of vanishing rain forests, first ascents, and more. Through these compelling stories we reinforce our mission to foster a deeper understanding of the world and its inhabitants.

The Expeditions Council consists of representatives from National Geographic editorial divisions who review and vote on grant applications, as well as an advisory board of external consultants. The program is editorially driven; thus, projects must have the potential for a compelling written and visual record in order for a grant to be awarded. Applications are also judged on qualifications of applicants and their teams, and on merit and uniqueness of the project.

Since its inception in 1998, the Expeditions Council has funded projects that span the entire spectrum of exploration and adventure.

I’m Free

Tough Shave

Dragging a Landrover

Suave Steppe Adventurer

What am I on?

Jordan Survey

Jungle Adventure



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