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Berlusconi digs himself a big Phoenician hole


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Virtual Rome



News just in about the latest in 3D recreations of the past…   the spectacular Virtual Rome!

Rome is set to launch virtual tours of ancient Rome complete with gladiators, Vestal Virgins and Colosseum crowds. Down dusty grafitti covered streets, and into sleazy bars, bright temples and the main event.. gladiator fights at the Colosseum.

“3D Rewind Rome” opens this month in the Italian capital within sight of the Colosseum blending video-game technology with state of the art animation to recreate life in the temples, tribunals and market places of the city in 310AD, during the reign of Emperor Maxentius.

60,000 virtual characters aim to give visitors a taste of what life was like in Rome, 1700 years ago.

Gladiators were brought to life with “motion capture” technology, using body-sensors on real people at the modern-day Scuola Gladiatori(http://www.gsr-roma.com/english/index.html) in Rome, run by a local historical society.

3D Rewind Rome is at 5, Via Capo d’Africa, near the Colosseum, and opens on November 20. Bookings can be made now on the website, www.3drewind.com , which is in English and Italian. Adults: 10 euros; Children: 6.50 euros

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