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Composer’s Neanderthal recreation


Neanderthals may even have been there at the origins of music

Neanderthals may even have been there at the origins of music

While at the Current Archaeology conference in Cardiff, I was lucky enough to see  part of this..

BBC news report..  and you even get to hear an excerpt

A musical experience with a difference is being previewed at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff – an attempt to recreate the sound of the Neanderthals.

Jazz composer Simon Thorne was given the task of creating the “soundscape” to provide a musical backdrop to some of the ancient exhibits on display.

The musician says the work is “probably the most unusual” he has undertaken.

Goes along with Steve Mithens work.


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Emperor Hadrian Exhibition at the British Museum

HadrianThe British Museum announced a new major exhibition on Roman Emperor Hadrian and iconic bronze head of Hadrian to tour Britain this Summer. 24th July – 26th October 2008


This special exhibition will explore the life, love and legacy of Rome’s most enigmatic emperor, Hadrian (reigned AD 117–138).

Ruling an empire that comprised much of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East, Hadrian was a capable and, at times, ruthless military leader. He realigned borders and quashed revolt, stabilising a territory critically overstretched by his predecessor, Trajan.

Hadrian had a great passion for architecture and Greek culture. His extensive building programme included the Pantheon in Rome, his villa in Tivoli and the city of Antinoopolis, which he founded and named after his male lover Antinous.

This unprecedented exhibition will provide fresh insight into the sharp contradictions of Hadrian’s character and challenges faced during his reign.

Objects from 31 museums worldwide and finds from recent excavations will be shown together for the first time to reassess his legacy, which remains strikingly relevant today.

£12, concessions available

Tickets on sale from 6 February 2008

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