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Past Horizons – Issue 6 – Heritage Volunteer Journal

The latest issue..

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Past Horizons Magazine
Issue 6 – January 2009

Survey: Beyond the City Walls of Jerash
Surveying the hinterland of Jerash, an ancient Decapolis City in Jordan has become a race against time to discover and map as many sites as possible, many of which are being lost to development.

Colouring the Past at El Pilar
Dr. Anabel Ford describes a unique project that combines archaeology and conservation in the Maya forest amongst the ruins of El Pilar.

Two Monsoons
Archaeologist and buildings historian Tom Addyman describes the past, present and future of the decaying Scottish Cemetery in Kolkata and the enormous task of surveying the six acre site.

Putney Debates
Re-enactment group the Tower Hamlets Trayned Bandes bring to life the 360th anniversary of these historic discussions

A Scottish initiative that enables communities to interact with their local monuments to safeguard their future.

Dig Cook
Annie Evans on culinary escapades, with a delicious recipe each issue.

and more…


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Inspired after having come across Maj Gen ‘Hindoo’ Stuart in the South Park Street cemetery, the team re-christened James ‘Bengali Simpson’

The jackels around the hotel surpassessed themselves last night – was convinced it was the team having a mad cackling fit, but no ….

The team get back on Monday, where they will upload more images and tell us what’s next!

Follow the adventure here:


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Reburial for Anglo Saxon remains

SkeletonAbout 3,000 skeletons are to be reburied in an Anglo-Saxon ceremony at a North Lincolnshire church where they were discovered almost 30 years ago.


A spokesman for English Heritage said the service on Friday evening would be spoken in Anglo Saxon, as a mark of respect.

Thoughts? Act of respect or shameless stunt?

I tend to agree with the concept though… but what about the Neolithic and Bronze Age bodies… do we carry out ceremonies we don’t know in a language we don’t know?


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