A sad story – one womens experience in CRM – from About.Archaeology

With the new impetus to change Pay and Conditions in the USA, and BAJRs support of this drive..

 see Archaeology Fieldwork

I found this story..  a timely reminder that we must act and act now… on


Shovel PittingArchaeology is one of the most horrifying fields to work in. I just read the story of Slave, and I couldn’t agree more. As a result of all of the experience that I have gained I have become so thoroughly disgusted by the profession that I have lost all love for archaeology. I feel like I’ve been kicked, starved and abused. There is definitely a much “darker” side to archaeology, and I feel so strongly that it should not be ignored. It would have been a help to have had a realistic picture of what I was in for when I started  ……………………………………..(read more )


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