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Inspired after having come across Maj Gen ‘Hindoo’ Stuart in the South Park Street cemetery, the team re-christened James ‘Bengali Simpson’

The jackels around the hotel surpassessed themselves last night – was convinced it was the team having a mad cackling fit, but no ….

The team get back on Monday, where they will upload more images and tell us what’s next!

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Scottish Cemetery Kolkata

Scottish Cemetery Kolkata

 Tom came down with a bad bout of Calcut gut (it was the hooghly halibut..) and departed for bed. In his absence work at site dramatically increased in pace ………

the Times of India descended upon the team for an interviewed piece – a curiously posed photograph of the entire team recording a single headstone may make the Sub-continental media on the morrow….

……the Governor, who is a grandson of the Mahatma, is held in great respect and affection in West Bengal. The conversation was relaxed and ranged over all the heritage issues of Calcutta, The role and history of the Royal Commission on the Ancient Monuments of Scotland and the ambition to provide skills training through the Scottish Cemetery project


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