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Fish Guys Film.

Fish Guys –

Made for the Extreme Filmmaker 48-Hour film contest, Fish Guys was shot and edited in 48 hours.

Based on a true story, the video was shot in the Fish Collection at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.


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Stonehenge fisheye

Stonehenge fisheye

Ancient Skies will be a 4k resolution ‘FullDome’ planetarium show that explores the relationship between ancient cultures and the night sky – principally the Megalithic of Northern Europe – and will be the first to showcase the emerging science of Archaeo-Astronomy.




With the sponsorship of one of the world’s top 3 Planetarium companies, SKY-SKAN, an extensive pre-production phase has just been completed, with 60 minutes of location material shot principally in digital timelapse under motion control. A dedicated page for the project is available at

www.pmwcreative.org/ancient_skies.html. You can also view online ‘The Empire of Stone’: a compilation of the best of the material from the pre-production shoots.

PLUS…  have a look at this beautiful site…  ataste of things to come in web 2.0 in heritage


this is what we want!

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