Carpow Boat on Loch Tay!

Carpow Log boat is excavated in 2006

Carpow Log boat is excavated in 2006

The Bronze Age lived on at Loch Tay (Perthshire, Scotland), as a replica of a 3000-year-old logboat successfully completed its maiden voyage. A team of more than 30 volunteers worked for three weeks to make the boat, modelled on a prehistoric vessel discovered in the Tay estuary in 2001.

Six people were given the chance to paddle the craft as it made the short trip to the Scottish Crannog Centre, near Aberfeldy, from a nearby picnic site. The volunteers were tasked with creating the nine metre-long boat from a single Douglas Fir, using replicas of Bronze Age tools alongside their modern equivalents.

Expertise was provided by Damian Goodburn of the Museum of London and by the Crannog Centre’s Barrie Andrian. The so-called Carpow logboat, on which the replica was modelled, was discovered in the Tay estuary by metal detectorists in 2001.

The boat was recovered from the water in 2006, and is currently undergoing conservation work at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Archaeologists are unclear as to how the Carpow logboat met its demise – but the modern copy crossed the loch in a little over five minutes despite difficult conditions.

The log boat is going to be added to the collection at the Crannog Centre, and visitors will be able to see it.

Finally a reconstructed ancient boat story with a happy non sinking ending.

Tay Crannog cente..well worth a visit!


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