Medieval Bodies uncovered in Edinburgh/Leith

Excavation in progress on teh Tram Project site

Excavation in progress on the Tram Project site

Human remains dating from medieval times have been unearthed by archaeologists working alongside the tram route in Leith.

The discovery was made during a special dig in Constitution Street, where two 300-year-old skulls and several bones were found last September.

The South Leith Parish Church graveyard site is near the 16th and 17th century town defences.

New sections of the defences and burials have been found.

John Lawson, Edinburgh City Council archaeologist, said: “Since the archaeological excavations began in mid-April, 18 burials have been recovered.

“Some of them appear to have been partially disturbed by various cuts, possibly associated with construction work in the 18th century when the tenements where built, and most recently by modern services.

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Of course I had to put this up…  it being my home town  :0)

Good work..


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