BAJR Survey March – Contractors Survey

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A further follow up survey will continue to monitor the current and future trends.

The Bottom Line

There have been severe redundancies in archaeology particularly for some sectors and certain sizes of company. However, redundancy is far from universal for all sectors and sizes. For 80% of consultancies, 54% of contractors and 100% of specialist companies redundancy is not and has not been on the agenda. There is hope also for the moment that the worst might be over. No consultancies are planning redundancies and only 10% of contractors intend making people redundant in the next three months. 16% of contractors, 30% of consultants and 38% of specialist companies report an increase in the number of enquiries and there is a similar increase in the number of DBAs being undertaken. In terms of geographical area Ireland is clearly the worst hit area. In our view the wide variation in what is happening makes it difficult to interpret the statistics with any certainty. The data set was 102 responses out of 189 companies. What is clear is that there has been a major expansion which has been followed by a major contraction in a very short period of time. Similarly it is clear that archaeology has enjoyed a period of continuous growth since1995 and at some point this had to come to an end.


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