Mt. Lykaion excavation, Greece – Staff wanted

Fancy six weeks in Greece?

Field Season 2009

A new excavation and survey has begun at the Sanctuary of Zeus on Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia, Greece. The sixth field season, summer 2009, will have three major aspects, excavation, architectural documentation and topographical survey in addition to ongoing geological, geophysical and historical surveys.

The dates of the summer 2009 season are June 9 – July 21, 2009.

· Excavation: 6 supervisors, 6 staff

12 positions are available. Supervisors should have extensive excavation experience. Staff members should have some background in Classical Studies, ancient history, anthropology or archaeology.

· Architectural Survey and Drawing: 1 supervisor, 4 staff

5 positions are available as graduate fellowships funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. The objective is to create architectural actual-state drawings of the previously excavated and exposed buildings, monuments and structures at the mountain site. Skills in measured hand drawing as well as CAD and rendering skills are necessary. Ability to create actual-state drawings of above ground architecture and monuments in two and three dimensions.

· Topographical survey: 1 supervisor, 5 staff

6 positions are available. Supervisor should have extensive archaeological survey experience. Staff members should have some background in Classical Studies, ancient history, anthropology or archaeology in addition to the following:

· Experience in data collection and analysis
· Experience as surveyor
· Familiarity with CAD software
· Familiarity with ESRI software (ArcGIS)
· Familiarity with Microsoft Office

· Museum: 1 supervisor, 1 staff

2 Positions available. Supervisor should have extensive museum and field experience. Staff members should have some background in Classical Studies, ancient history, anthropology or archaeology.


1 position available. Duties to include object photography as well as site photography.

Household Manager:

For excavation in Greece in small village near Megalopolis.
June 9 – July 21, 2009. Greek speaker preferred. To help with food shopping and to coordinate the logistics of housing and laundry in the village where the team of about 30 archaeology students and staff lives.


For excavation in Greece in small village near Megalopolis.
June 9 – July 21, 2009. Greek speaker preferred.
To help organize and prepare meals, buy supplies and work with household manager for a team of about 30 archaeology students and staff.

· Expenses:
Depending on funding, the expenses of each individual will include airfare and subsidy for room and board for 6 weeks, a total of roughly $2500.00. Some fellowships are available.

To apply for any of these positions write a letter of application, including a curriculum vitae and include the name, address (and e-mail address) of a reference who is familiar with your work. Send your application to:

David Gilman Romano, Ph.D.
C0-Director, Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project
Mediterranean Section
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
3260 South Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19104-6324

Or send to: / phone: 215 898-4437

View of Ano Karyes

View of Ano Karyes


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One response to “Mt. Lykaion excavation, Greece – Staff wanted

  1. Dear Sir,

    I did a search on the internet, seeking archaeological photography assignments and found your website, stating there is a vacancy for an archaeological photographer. I would be very grateful if you consider me as possible applicant for the job.

    Briefly, I am a 49 year old British national living in Bangkok as an English teacher. I have been doing this line of work for several years now. Prior to being a teacher I used to work as a graphics designer and operator for ten years. For the last few years I have lived in Thailand as an expatiate instructor. It is my intention to focus more strongly on my photography career from now on. You can do no better than checking the quality of my photography from my website, which by the way, I made myself ( I have been doing photography on a part-time basis offering my photographs to microstock companies like, as means of making additional income. So, it could be argued that I am part-time professional in the field of photography anyway. My experience in photography stretches back to three years on a commercial and non-commercial basis.

    I am sure the question you ask might yourself why would a photographer/instructor apply for this job? To answer this question there are parts to my answer. Firstly, I am a graduate from the University of Southampton (1989) with an honors degree in archaeology (some fieldwork/excavation experience in the UK and Europe). Secondly, for the last few I have developed a real passion for photography and a strong love anything to do with archaeology, regardless of the geographical background. It is my avid hope you that accept my reasons for applying for this job.

    Now I appreciate the geographical differences between us (you in the west and I in the Far East). I am not worried about this because I am free to go when and where I want. But I strongly recommend that you look at my website first and consider VERY seriously whether I am the photographer for you, whether my style of photography would fit the bill for you.

    The other question which you might be asking yourself, would I be prepared to travel to Greece for the sake of one month’s work? I have even asked myself this question. Yes, I would be prepared to travel in order to do this job. And yes, I would be prepared to go Greece if this assignment gave me experience to what I looking for, that is to be an archaeological photographer. Possibly your recommendation of my work might carry further weight elsewhere.

    Please remember my point about checking my website first, before we consider anything in the future. I would prefer the site director have confidence in my photography before we consider filling in application forms. Feel free to contact me through my email address for further correspondence: If the post has been taken then just ignore this letter! However, I do hope to hear from you the near future regarding this post.

    Best wishes


    Please note, additional points:
    Camera details: I have Nikon camera SLR, with a 200mm lens, flash unit, close-up lens, filters
    Standard procedure: photos taken in Raw format, converted to either Tiff of jpeg for maximum output
    software: Adobe Lightroom, Nikon Capture NX, Photoshop CS2, for digital retouching on my Toshiba laptop

    Should you have your own gear:
    Requirement: either Canon or Nikon camera SLR
    Computer equipment with AT LEAST 1 GB ram.

    Go ‘portfolio’, in order to see the photographs. Click on thumbnails to get better view. If you click on banner, you will see slideshow of my work (additional photos). You can contact me through the ‘contact’ page too for further correspondence.

    References: Univ of Southampton, but apparently my old tutor Prof. Ucko died a few years back. I could use Dr David Peacock as a back-up reference everything in the Classical world has heard of him!

    Have a nice day

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