1000 year old Fake Designer Viking swords are revealed

It must have been an appalling moment when a Viking realised he had paid two cows for a fake designer sword; a clash of blade on blade in battle would have led to his sword, still sharp enough to slice through bone, shattering like glass.

Looks good - but is it real!

Looks good - but is it real!


You really didn’t want to have that happen,” said Dr Alan Williams, an archaeometallurgist and consultant to the Wallace Collection, the London museum which has one of the best assemblies of ancient weapons in the world. He and Tony Fry, a senior researcher at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, south-west London, have solved a riddle that the Viking swordsmiths may have sensed but didn’t quite understand. …..


Find out about the whole shocking story! – Imagine the shame as you enter your first battle with your shiney new sword – only to find out to your horror, that it was cheap for a reason, buying fake goods at the local tavern was a false economy? Or was it becasue you did not want to put the ral ones into a grave, so had a copy made? interesting article.

See more about the Wallace Collection here:


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