Activists celebrate as insurers pull plug on £1.1bn Turkish Ilisu dam

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…Insurers delivered a victory for environmentalists and dealt a body blow to Turkey’s economic regeneration plans yesterday by pulling the plug on a bitterly contested dam project that critics claimed would wreck habitats, displace people and drown ancient archaeological treasures….
Basically, in terms of heritage, this dam (like others alreay constructed.. ie the Ataturk Dam and Birecik (drowning Zeugma) for example)

Here, in Upper Mesopotamia, the world of the Middle East met the civilisation of Anatolia, and brought about a flourishing of cultures that survive today in countless ruins and monuments. The ancient city was occupied by nine major civilisations, stretching from the Assyrians through to the Ottomans. Each period has left its own unique mark upon the city. Mosques, castles, a twelfth century palace, a citadel, a monumental bridge, and much more that has barely been studied, testify to a magnificent history… which would have been lost


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