Çatalhöyük now protected by a large roof

Çatalhöyük, Turkey’s most famous Neolithic site, is one the oldest known areas of human settlement, animal domestication and wheat cultivation.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry’s Cultural Assets and Museums general manager, Orhan Düzgün, announced that the roof’s construction, which began in June of this year, had now been finished.

 The roof is made of specially laminated wood and will protect the historical site and the archaeological work going on there from damage resulting from exposure to the elements.

     The roof was constructed with an eye for aesthetics as well, in a design beneficial to both tourists and the archaeologists working the site.

     Çatalhöyük is a major tourist attraction as well as an archeological site, and    recent excavation on the Neolithic site, under the leadership of British professor of archeology Ian Hodder, began in 1993 and has continued intermittently ever since.

Discoveries made so far at the 9,000-year-old site include wall paintings, seals, and cooking and eating utensils decorated with various painted and carved figures. Except for its southern area, the site did not have any protection against the harsh weather conditions characteristic of the Central Anatolia region.


Roof – a thumbnail of the large images.. see them by following the link

See the photos of the roof here…  it is pretty lovely!



Photos are by Dave Minty:




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