BAJR Federation – Draft 2

Taking into consideration the comments and suggestions made both on and off the BAJR Forum and elsewhere, the following is a revision of the membership, aims and organisation of what will become the

BAJR Federation


The sole trader/ small company (5 or less); Freelancers; Specialists (the surveyor, ceramicist, geophysicist, finds specialist etc.); Short term contract employees; and individual or small group who is active within what can broadly be termed archaeology within the UK.
Those in full time or part time education related to any aspect of archaeology.
A person who is either not directly involved in archaeology or is involved in archaeology but is out-with the United Kingdom, and so not directly affected by issues within the confines on the United Kingdom.
Group Affiliation:
Existing groups within the profession, such as the Diggers Forum, the British Women Archaeologists, the AAIS etc.. would be invited as group affiliates, and information exchange formalised, to inform of issues and initiatives both to and from the BAJR Federation.

The process of communication with the current bodies would be decided – to ensure that again, information and methods of approach could be understood by all parties.

The thrust of the Federation would be in three parallel directions.

1. An information gathering and dissemination service to provide advice and notification of new and current issues, regarding the various membership groups
2. A lobbying organisation on matters put forward by Federation members, with voting on a collective response; providing a collective response to consultations.
3. A voice to actively interact with current groups that is representative of a majority rather than as an individual.

Each of these seven categories would put forward a member to the Council yearly to represent the concerns of each group.

Issues, information and self help could be addressed by each group and disseminated.

For example, for sole traders help in running your own business; for freelancers, requirements for insurance; for specialists, new research in various fields; for students, details on requirements and expectations in the different facets of archaeology; the short term contract workers, having a voice with which to ensure the union represented them robustly and a collective voice to speak for the individual.

Skills and training would be paramount to the federation and therefore connection to and working with the pre-existing organisations would be complementary and not conflicting.

Membership of the federation will be (at least initially) free and rely on recognition that an independent organisation is needed.

Over the past ten years BAJR (as an individual) has established a reputation for honesty and trust and there is no reason why BAJR Federation(as an separate but affiliated organisation) cannot continue with the same stance, no longer a single voice but many voices speaking as one.
It is essential that this is not seen as a replacement for any of the existing organisations and is not seen as a Union, but a federation of like minded and dedicated professionals who wish to see that the standards and future of archaeology are ensured. T

Voting would be the main responsibility of members.. with first a discussion on the nature of the question and answers and then a system of voting that is inclusive (both web based and SMS) ensuring those who have limited access to the internet have the ability to have their say. A majority vote would be required to actively move forward on an issue. Non-voting over a protracted period could lead to a loss of voting rights. (with certain safeguards against those unable to be involved for legitimate reasons– perhaps a three strikes rule?)

A Bi-monthly Newsletter would inform members of activities.. available as a pdf download.. (thoughts on paper copies would have to be addressed) – The main concept is to keep people informed, to communicate, to support and to lobby.


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