Heritage Protection Bill – problem?

“New priorities have emerged with the turbulence in the financial markets,” Burnham said. “But I can make sure that we maintain the momentum behind the reform whether or not the bill is part of the legislative programme in the next session of parliament.”

This is part of a longer post from here:


BAJR has been openly discussing this problem.. (or not a problem?)


It is worth noting that comments on BAJR about a recent IFA meeting at which Peter Hinton and Charles Wagner spoke on the new Bill, the details on the content proved very hard to come by, as the government seems to be restricting access until a new draft is published – probably in early December.

Now we have this from Hansard on the 10th Nov.

“Mr. Jeremy Hunt (South-West Surrey) (Con): Will the Secretary of State confirm rumours that the heritage protection Bill has been dropped from the Queen’s Speech? If that is the case, is that not the final nail in the coffin for the Government’s heritage policies? We have seen lottery money plundered, the Government telling churches to turn themselves into cafés and gyms and now the denial of the vital parliamentary time that would allow the heritage sector better to look after the heritage that belongs to us all. When can we have a positive vision for our heritage sector? Is it condemned to yet more years of neglect and decline?

Andy Burnham: I do not accept the hon. Gentleman’s criticism. In the recent spending round, English Heritage received an increase in funding. We have worked with all parties in the heritage sector to introduce the first heritage protection Bill for 30 years. That is clear evidence of the Government’s commitment to the sector. The hon. Gentleman knows that I cannot comment on the Queen’s Speech in advance of its publication. However, he will know that the Planning Bill will require us to bring forward a new planning policy statement on the built heritage, replacing planning policy guidance 15 and 16. We will do so shortly, and we will issue that statement for consultation. We recognise the importance of the built heritage and we are taking active steps to protect it.”

Of course the Bill may make the Queens Speech in the end? cross fingers? But I ain’t putting money on it yet, we suggest you write to your MP – I have written to mine – Anne Moffat.. who wrote back within 3 hours.. (good representative that!)


Dear David,

Many thanks for correspondence sent to my constituency office. I am sorry I am a bit slow in responding but I welcomed your letter and support the sentiments expressed within. I have sent a copy of your letter to the minister and confirm that I will try to raise the matter with him also at the next scheduled departmental questions in the House of Commons. I can assure you of my continued support in these matters.

I trust this is useful.

Yours sincerely
Anne Moffat MP

 So hope…  pray..  and wait


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