Mary Queen of Scots must be returned to Scotland ??

More than four centuries after she was executed in England for treason by her cousin, Elizabeth I, a row has broken out over the rightful resting place of Mary Queen of Scots, and her true place in the pantheon of Scottish heroes.For Christine Grahame, MSP, Mary was “an iconic historical Scots figure” and this week the SNP member for the South of Scotland will begin a campaign in the Scottish Parliament to repatriate her remains from Westminster Abbey. But the move has been branded a stunt by Ms Grahame’s political opponents and dismissed as crazy by Jenny Wormald, one of the leading academic authorities on the queen’s life and death.

There is something funny about petty nationalistic politics being played out by people who don’t really understand the past properly.. like the terrible moment in an SNP rally when we were treated to Calgacus’s speech before the crushing defeat by the Romans at Mons Graupius… er… I was forced to point out… er…. a) Scotland did not exist then… and er… they were not Scots (who came from Ireland much much later)

Speaking as a Briton from East Lothian that is ! 🙂

So as she actually wanted to be buried in France.. and her son buried her in Westminster.. just leave her alone.



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