‘MeZolith’ Stone Age Horror Strip

Ben Haggerty got in touch today… to tell me about this new comic strip about life in pre-insular Britain and the Mesolithic. looks great.. great for everyone from teachers, outreach, YACers and even big kids like us (oh.. yes for our kids cough!)

Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank are thrilled to announce the launch of:

a stunning Stone Age Horror Strip
by Ben Haggarty (Story) & Adam Brockbank (Art)

on September 5th 2008, in issue 15 of the new weekly subscription comic, The DFC.

Running in more or less regular weekly instalments, until the end of January 2009, ‘MeZolith’ is a compelling and raw combination of original and traditional tales. The serial follows the adventures of a small tribal group of hunter-foragers living near the North Sea Basin around 9,000 years ago… As you might expect, the stories do not pull their punches and the carefully researched art is utterly exquisite.

Order it for yourself and order it as a gift for your friends and relatives!

For a preview of the MeZolith world, please go to:

The DFC is the brainchild of Oxford publisher, David Fickling. The 36 page, full colour, weekly children’s comic is aimed at 8-12 year olds and each week features a mixture of serials and self contained stories. It is, famously, carrying ‘Philip Pullman’s John Blake’ time-travel series. ‘MeZolith’ is pitched for older readers.


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