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While writing my latest article for Past Horizons magazine (iisue 4 comes out in September!)   I have been reliving my days in Iraq.    a few things have come to my notice..    including these nuggets, which are worth passing on…  have a look and let me know if there are others – I will pop them up.

Program Seeks to Preserve History With Playing Cards

 Baghdad museum logo

Baghdad museum logo






The Defense Department will issue decks of playing cards to deployed troops starting July 31, but not for Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments. The cards are training aids designed to help the servicemembers understand the archaeological significance of their deployed locations.   read about it here: 


 Archaeologists debunk claim of looting in S. Iraq war zone

Ruins of the city of UR  Ruins of the city of UR

 On-site survey of 8 most-important sites finds no evidence of illegal digs since ’03 The eight sites examined include:  Ur, Ubaid, Eridu, Warka, Larsa, Tell el-Ouelli, Lagash and Tell el-Lahm.

 Teh team was led by John Curtis ( the Keeper of the British Museum’s Middle East department) and he admitted he had been “very surprised” by the team’s findings and cautioned that, while the survey covered the most important sites in an area equal to one-fifth of the country, it might not be representative.  “It may not be typical of the country as a whole, and the situation could well be worse further north,” he warned.

Read the full story here:

Kneeling Goat
Kneeling Goat

British Institute for the Study of Iraq
(Gertrude Bell Memorial)

Formerly the British School of Archaeology in Iraq

The BISI (BSAI) Website here:

I have fond memories of the place and people there, and the loss.  I am glad to see a new vigour return.  I would love to return myself.


Protecting Iraq’s Ancient Heritage – Archaeological Institute of America

Ongoing coverage of the cultural heritage crisis in Iraq includes a news summary, an exclusive online feature from Mosul, expert commentary from Neil Brodie and McGuire Gibson, and Archaeological Institute of America president Jane Waldbaum’s perspective and report on the latest efforts by the AIA. See the AIA website for more on Iraqi cultural heritage and legislative initiatives. 



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