Excavating Rita

Have had a look at Excavating Rita…  by Richard Herring

I saw it at the Edinburgh festival a few years back…  pant wettingly funny..  and horrible to watch, as you can’t help but see yourself in one of the characters… (not saying which one I was)

this little teaser..

MIKE (the Supervisor)
(TRYING TO HIDE ANNOYANCE AND APPEAR LIKE A FUN GUY) All right, all right. We’ve all had a bit of a laugh there, (HE INDICATES THAT THEY SHOULD GET BACK TO WORK) but my point stands. Archaeology isn’t exciting, it’s a pain-staking, fastidious discipline and to be frank, it can be rather monotonous, boring even. There’s every chance that we may not find a thing.

Sell it Mike.

Of course that doesn’t make archaeologists boring. Quite the opposite. As you may have noticed from the banter, you don’t have to be mad to work here..…

In fact serious mental illness will probably result in your immediate dismissal.

No, it’s “but it helps actually…  er.. ”

go on and treat yourself to the whole script…



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