The stolen rocks of Uluru

germaine Greer writes this piece in The Guardian,
# Wednesday May 14 2008

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

(image linked from )
“…Bits of Uluru, known for a tiny part of its long history as Ayers Rock, are now being returned from all over the world to the management of the Kaja Tjuta national park. Most come with a note saying simply ‘Sorry’…”

A desecration of an ancient a spiritual site..

Given teh aboriginal peoples of Australia and the ‘right’ for others to stomp over their sites..  I found this an interesting read…  we may get a bit peeved if aboriginal people popped up to Westminster  Abbey and knocked bits off for a keepsake…  What about other sites ..  nobody really has a ‘right’ to damage it..  and that also goes for us as archaeologists too…  ? [8]


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