An Archaeologist in Barcelona

just got back from a short break in Barcelona –

Fab…  apart from the joy of Gaudi and other modernist architecture …  the Museum of Contemporary Art!    there is a cracking ticket to get you into the museums

Barcelona Arqueoticket –

A journey through history

barcelona Museum

The Multi-ticket offers you free entry to the five museums in Barcelona with archaeological collections.
Are you familiar with the origin of our daily habits? Do you know what the essence of our society is? Arqueoticket will provide you with the answer to these and other questions.

When you visit these 5 museums, you will travel back into the past of our civilisation and of other civilisations, gaining a greater understanding of the present:

* Where can the most exclusive jewellery in Barcelona be found? At the Museu d’Aqueologia de Catalunya you will find surprisingly modern necklaces which were used as ornaments in pre-history. You can also see the very latest in Greek and Roman earrings…

* When did we first begin to tattoo ourselves? Decorating the body with tattoos was a common practice in pre-Hispanic America. This custom was related with religious or magic rituals… You will find it at the Museu Barbier-Mueller d’Art Precolombí de Barcelona.

* Is piercing a modern practice? Gods, men, women and animals had piercings in ancient Egypt. At the Museu Egipci de Barcelona you will discover how modern this ancient civilisation was.

* How long has packaging existed? Some of the amphorae preserved in the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat de Barcelona have inscriptions painted on the base of the neck or the handles. They are distant ancestors of today’s logos, and they provided information about the producer, the type of wine…

* How long has the all-seeing eye existed? Since time immemorial, the eye painted on the prow of a boat is the eye which sees all, warding off any danger that might be encountered. At the Museu Marítim de Barcelona you will discover a rich vein of maritime traditions and customs.

So go there…  enjoy…  and eat, walk, eat, walk, see, visit…  and have fun!

Roman towers and wallsThis one was a fave…  the excavations beneath the museum…  and the huge Roman walls, still standing with towers, over 5 stories tall!

the museum:  Museu d’Història de la Ciutat

has an exhibitions which is cutting edge …  looking at archaeology in a modern urban city..



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  1. Didn’t catch any of the Grand Prix then?

  2. bajrblog

    Has the joy of thick necked football fans instead… chanting their gutteral grunts 🙂

  3. Ooh – I’ve got a purply avatar now! 🙂

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