When the Rat is in Bed with an Elephant

A cryptic comment I know!   But as I said today to a group of people..

“When a mouse shares the same bed as an elephant, the mouse never sleeps peacefully…  and I would like some peace thank you”

What are you talking about Mr BAJR I hear you ask??  Well at the moment I am trying to come to terms with a quite large decision I made today…  Once I have worked it all out, I can say more.  But put it this way, I feel like I have just got divorced.  A feleing of both loss and freedom..  all rolled into one…  

ps…   I am not divorced!   And  I look forward to seeing Maggie in a few hours..  to hold me hand and assure me I did the only thing I could do.

<sigh>   My one regret is that I feel like I have let many people down..  <sigh>


hey ho!

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