Cousland days 8 and 9

Well the last couple of days held various excitements!   And of course it all happens at the end!!   Trenches 4 and 5 came down onto the robbed remains of the Residence ..  a much more comfortable place than the tiny castle.  And pottery, glass and other artefacts were recovered..  that strangely seemed to show the structure was still there in the mid 18th century.   (see below)





    A check of Roy’s 1755 map, does indeed show a structure coming off at right angles from the walled garden!  Now, we also looked at the base of the walled garden, and lo and behold, it is made of sandstone, with limestone starting about ½ way up…  this relates to the demolition of the castle…  using the stone from the castle to build the wall…    then quarrying out the bedrock outcrop it sits on to get more stone…  hence…  end wall of castle is no more…  as poor Ross found out as he descended into a clay filled hole! 


 The Geophysics also came up with some interesting anomalies on the last day!   Such is life!    Perhaps we can get back in and investigate?  


End of play



  The finds are now being processed…  plans drawn, records digitised, documents searched, etc etc….     and a short report will be made in June…  though now we expect the project to last around 2 years..  culminating in a book.


 The final day was in a blizzard!   And backfilling is no fun at the best of times…  made worse by the cruel reality that turf being relaid is much harder when they are frozen blocks of ice!

 There are so many people to thanks for the project…  the People of Cousland, the YACs, the people who helped or offered equipment, the EAFS and the Scottish Detector Club, Louise Yeoman and George Haggerty, many many people…  but a big thanks to a few individuals…  Sheena for everything!   Marshall for allowing us in his field    and thanks for the help at the end…  !  Never to be forgotten!   And to Michael and David  Dalrymple for permissions too.    To all…   this has been a superb project, and I am so proud of us all, for starting to uncover the real and fascinating story of Cousland!  

 See you all soon!

   That’s all Folks…   for now anyway.!   Its back in October.




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7 responses to “Cousland days 8 and 9

  1. Many thanks to David & Maggie for an amazing week. We all learnt so much and are now feeling bereft without the BIG DIG. It was definitely not like Chris Rea’s “The Road to Hell” but more like Connolly’s “Road to Discovery”!

  2. Mairghread Ellis

    Yes, echoing Fay’s sentiments, thanks to you both for an amazing week. I havent had so much fun in the mud since I was about 3 years old. I learned so much from both of you, and the final finds of the week were pure dead brilliant!
    My students were ‘well impressed’ – to use their parlance.

    Cousland is indeed both a fantastic historical place to live and a great community. David and Maggie, I am sure you are honorary Couslanders by now!

  3. Sheena

    I’d like to thanks everyone too….David & Maggie of course but also all the other villagers from 18months to 80 years old who got involved in all sorts of ways, including Helen who supplied the essential on-site teas to keep us thawed out!
    We have collectively learnt so much about our village and promise to use our new found skills to find out even more.
    It was hard work, never again will I say that archaeology is about scraping daintily away with a trowel – but enjoyable.
    Bring on The Windmill and the Pottery re-visit……………..

  4. Link to Cousland website for those who have never heard of it!

  5. Helen

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the dig.
    David & Maggie were positively inspirational.
    I am certain that everyone gained from the experience.

  6. I am off to Olivers Mound in Worcestershire on Monday, so we shall soon see if I can still wield a trowel (and a wheelbarrow – eek!).

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