Cousland Big Dig : day 7

Working in a COusland going down and down…  working in a Cousland.. 

The tune whistles through my head!  Fortuantely not the Chris Rea tune that somebody has now tried to place there! 


Trench 4 does indeed strike lucky (ish)  and finds the robber trench of the rear wall of the House ( a later addition to the castle)  where Mary Queen of Scots is taken after the Battle of Carberry!)  however, it is becoming clear that the entire area is covered in a thick layer of redeposited natural and clay…  and that what was once a rocky out crop has been turned into a quarry for the walls of the walled garden. 

In teh image below you can see the mass of white…  whcih is indeed ( in technical terms) a bleeding great big hole!  Somebody stole our castle!

More interesting though is the material in the dump…  it contains early 18th C pottery and some Kiln furniture…  which suggests it comes from the pottery site we investigated in November..   More signs of a massive industrial scale piece of work!

So that means the geofizz is correct..

The HLF turn up as well…  and we should be proud that they saw this as a model for Our Heritage Grants…  impressed by the commitment…  impressed by the range of skills people learn, from drawing to survey, from photography to research…  and the range of people involved…   it has been shown to be a great success…  and tommorrow is out BIG open day!    Pray for sun! 



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