Cousland Big Dig : day 6

Right…  where are we!

Oh yes…  scraping down and down onto an orangy clayey silt!

Trenches 1 and 3 and now returfed – though why oh why does the turf not fit!  we end up with enough left over to turf another trench!

Trench 2 (the castle trench) continues down, with a plaintive cry of, the castle wall, must be here somewhere!  A mound of rubble fragments seems to come from a later collapse.  Hard Hats on everyone!

Trenches 4 and 5 are opened to cope with the numbers of people now on site..  aged 4 – 82… 

We are starting to get a feeling that the 1700s saw a MASSIVE bit of demolition and even the removal of all teh bedrock that the castle sat on!  …  This is what its all about!




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