Cousland Big Dig : day 5

WEll, I get to catch up with the paperwork!  and plans, and finds and photos!  YE archaeology is more than just digging holes.

 The Historian Louise Yeoman came to teh village to share her research, and teach people where to find information.

 Our two big stories are the Ruthvens/Gowries  and the part that Cousland played in Scottish History..  quite a bit it seems!

Mary Queen of Scots is one (as I talked about in a previous post…  and the Gowrie Conspiricy..

Although the Gowrie conspiracy is shrouded in mystery, three solutions have been proposed. Firstly, that Gowrie and his brother lured King James (at that time king only of Scotland) to Gowrie House for the purpose of either murdering or kidnapping him, that James paid a surprise visit to Gowrie House with the intention of murdering the two Ruthvens, or that the events were the outcome of an unpremeditated brawl between the king and the earl, or his brother.  It took place on the 5th August 1600, and signaled a collapse of the family fortune.,_3rd_Earl_of_Gowrie

 We also learned about the Rizzio murder, where our man from Cousland appears in a nightdress + full armour.. and the witch hunts, where it seems the unfortunate women were held within the castle walls – before execution.

Dark times…  we hope to at least be able to show where the buildings were, and a date for teh construction of each structure..  we are carrying out detailed building recording as well.

 Looks like a cold day for day 6! 

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