Cousland Big Dig : day 2

A hard hard morning of rain and sleet..  and………  the inevitable ……….!

 Any signs of the greenhouse.? not a sausage.

the castle neither did we get anything in the garden feature trench.

 However .  lack of evidence is not actually a bad thing, as it does start to expain exactly what did and did not happen there.

It is clear that teh greenhosue did exist, and teh fittings and fragments of wood give mute evidence for it’s construction, but the demolition seems complete.  It is also clear that a massive leveling layer of clay, topped with drainage deposit of mixed soils with limestone fragments then a topsoil covers the whole of teh walled garden.

We open the castle trench and are now hopeful (oh yes)  that the missing side wall can be traced, letting us know the full size of the structure is..

The East Lothian YAC enjoyed the day as well..  So the only way is up!


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