OS mapping system – Online API

OpenSpaceOrdnance Survey’s OpenSpace – their slippy mapping API has launched!   The API is OpenLayers based, with additional goodies such as gazetteer search and a “momentum” drag-and-let-go effect on the map.

However, the gazetteer doesn’t do postcodes! Also, it is in OSGB coordinates, so there is also some helper functions for translating to and from lat lon. However, this basic client side conversion can lead to errors, apparently, and in some places they can be out by tens of metres. The OS developers said that if users think that a server side conversion is better, then that could be accommodated.

 Have a look at this demo…  and see what you think as the layers available are:

 There is a range of Ordnance Survey digital products that are displayed at each zoom level:

outline of Great Britain (zoom level 1);
overview of Great Britain (zoom level 2-3);
MiniScale® (zoom level 4-5);
1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster (zoom level 6-7);
1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster (zoom level 8-9); and
OS Street View® (zoom level 10-11).


 and try


Of course it only deals with the UK… (well it is the OSGB!!)     but think about what is possible for UK archaeology companies?  and local groups…

 Of course there is the usual bugbear of pricing, and yes teh OS have managed to over complicate it again!   They are always seen as the bad guys and still are a deep shade of grey…  but at least they are trying, and the maps are what we have come to expect (no not 10 meteres out!!)  (well  a bit)  Have a look….  chew it over…  what do you think??


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