BAJR Birthday thoughts

 Well..  another day another year older, as yesterday I reached the grand old age of 42.  Its perhaps because of this that I am starting writing my life, before its all too late.  However, I looked at what I did on my birthday, and think I have now reached the age of not really bothering anymore!  

9am : took delivery of  two interpretation panels that I had made for a small (but fascinating church site in Midlothian – Old Pentland –

“One of the most striking features as you approach the cemetery is the line of ancient yew trees running along the perimeter wall. The largest building at Old Pentland is the Gibsone Mausoleum designed in 1839 by the architect Thomas Hamilton; another of his buildings is the Royal High School.  It commemorates fir John Gibsone and his wife Henrietta and more recently Jack Gibsone, Laird of Pentland, who died December 1992. The Gate House was constructed to provide shelter for the family of the recently deceased, who kept watch until the body was no longer of use to the anatomists. Within the Gate House are the Arnold Stones thought to be from the 12C/13C associated with the Knights Templar. Old Pentland also has links with the Covenanting movement and the Battle of Rullion Green. “

I have to confess the delivery took me by surprise, as I thought Maggie had bought me the bestest pressy ever, a Diff GPS backpack system – oh how she laughed!

10am Contacted different folk about creating a curation database for a property in the National Trust for Scotland and helped Maggie with a lost parcel…  thanks Parcel Force..  I know my custom is important to you, which is why I do enjoy talking to a machine that asks, “I am sorry…. Did you say YES..  if you said YES ….  Please say YES…   ”   grrrrrrrr

11am : talked about problems concerning archaeologists working with detectorist – as in…    WHATS the bleedin’ problem! 

12 – Got working on the layout of Past Horizons TV – soon to be ready for 2008

4pm – played Halo!   Aw… come on, its my birthday!  

5:30pm  Maggie reminds me that if we don’t write Christmas Cards, we will be rightly shunned by decent society.!

6pm :  Drive to Edinburgh in freezing fog to see my Mum…  bless her!  

8:30pm  go to Big W to buy some new plates for Christmas Dinner..  and wander amazed at the SIZE of some people!   Now I know what the extra wide aisles are for…     perhaps I should get out more!

9pm return to Dunbar to get a Chinese carryout and a bottle of wine… 

10pm back to home and watch Buzzcocks while slurping noodles and wine…  Cats curl up to keep warm…  then about 12 its off to bed ..  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Is that sad??    Dunno…   it was just another day ..  another notch on the life calendar.  Oh yes, and an invitation  to go and join a conservation group restoring buildings in Armenia….    Now that’s more like it.

Has something changed?..   well yes…   I am leaving my council job next year and will spend more of my time enjoying archaeology and the world….  BAJR will not suffer of course..  as I am a virtual organisation…  but I feel I will be re-establishing what BAJR was first about…   Change only comes with pressure and that’s where I think I am ready to go…   So perhaps it was not such a normal day after all!

BAJR is back….  So watch out  J


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