Shiver me shattered trowel- Freebooters Ahoy!

Capt BAJR at a Detecting Rally 

I took the time to read an article in today’s papers about Captain William Kidd and the discovery of a lost Treasure ship.   Born around 1645, the callous corsair was a clergyman’s son from Greenock, near Glasgow, who moved to New York for adventure. 

So I realised… (coincidence No. 1) – He was from Scotland …  then I found out that Johnny Depp modelled himself partly on Capt Kidd and partly on Keith Richards…  while I knew I had partly modelled my career on Bill Wyman, honest  🙂  (coincidence No. 2 another Rolling Stone!)  Next I realised I was honoured to be a barely disguised guest in a general article about freebooters and buccaneers…  sorry I meant Heritage Heroes.. (so barely disguised I have had many comments about this)    (coincidence No. 3) …   this was getting spooky. 

Ahhharrrr  A Vast behind...  and that just be ye oldyst joke !Then I decided to check the records of the Comedy sorry  Connolly Heritage Consultancy to see if there was anything I was missing… and you can imagine my shock when I found this damning evidence.  (CLICK the Pictures for the true horror of what I found!)Not me.. thats my - Great Great Great Uncle Capt'n Bad Billy Black Bones Bobby Badger  But it got worse!   Looking back trough my family album, I discovered that Plundering our great countries Heritage had been passed down for many years…  this faded photo of my Great Great Great Uncle Capt’n Bad Billy Black Bones Bobby Badger  – aka the Beast of the Watery Newt on which he sailed, for this was the name of his Pirate Ship.   A shocking revelation indeed.   Perhaps it is good to know that he was never caught and tried…  His main weapons of choice were a broadside of finely honed wit… and a bandoleer  filled with the finest of Archaeology Trowels – the WHS 4″ Archaeologist Trowel …  supplied by his bandit Moll ..  ol’ Maggie Ma Struckers  who ran the Past Horizons Tradin’ Post..  filled with a cornucopia of well priced goods for all buccaneers and archaeologists… !    Shameless plugs are also very useful on a ship….  stop you from sinking!   The question is…  If archaeologists working with detectorists is unethical…  where does that leave us?  and what about the PAS…  or are they collaborators with Pirate Detectorists too?

 If you want to read more about the real story of Capt’n Kidd… follow this link… more on Capt Kidd in General :


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