Have a break… have a cultural heritage break.. with walls!

Drystone terrace WallsEko-centar Caput Insulae-Beli, in Beli, on Croatia’s largest island – Cres, is a research and education centre for the protection of nature which started its actions back in 1993.

It was set-up by Dr. Goran Sušić, who then became its president.

It is a registered non-governmental, not-for-profit, founded upon the integral protection of the Eurasian Griffon – one of the most endangered bird species in Europe that is threatened with extinction, and which we conduct through the holistic approach to the protection of natural and cultural-historical heritage on the island of Cres.

 I have been looking at this one, and have even been in the area…  and it is beautiful, unspoiled, and mysterious…  have a read of their website, see what you think, but I can tell you one thing…  BAJR and missus, are seriously thinking of getting out there for a break and a build…  this is archaeology with purpose!     Remember that?  I can’t wait to learn how to build with drystone.


 Add to that the project to protect Griffins…   and you thought they were mythical… 

Ugly or What?

Oh, hold on, I mean Griffon Vultures. sorry about getting your hopes up there… still  there is plenty more magic out there.   See you there perhaps?



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3 responses to “Have a break… have a cultural heritage break.. with walls!

  1. Dis Manibus

    I might add one on building drywalls – in coastal part of Croatia, mostly Dalmatia and the islands, it is a tradition that stayed preserved since the ancient times obviously 🙂
    I had to go through that building “course” as a part of my growing up and summer vacation free activities at my grandparents’ remote village area 🙂

  2. ancheeza

    hi, I’m from Croatia, studying archeology in Zadar. If you are coming to Croatia, go to island of Vis (Issa), trust me, you wont be disappointed

  3. bajrblog

    thanks for that… we will do.

    Have been to Croatia before, a beautiful place, we loved Istria… and the islands.

    Now its time to give something back! with hard work and fun

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