Scotland’s Rural Past – a real resource for community

Scotland’s Rural Past

 Scotlands Rural Past

After my rant about lack of resources, I have been prodded and poked about some excellent resources!…   some are better than others…  but this one stands out – I wish I had been able to take up a position with them, as they are leading the way…    I can see few (if any) to match them!

It has all you could want…  an excellent website that helps…  yes HELPS!  with easy guides, links to resources…  and downloadable forms, templates and even a form that allows projects to be automatically uploaded to the RCAHMS!  just how good is that…  it has a real forum…  and photo competions..  …  oh I could go on.    

have a look at this for example – only a small part…..

How to take part
Doing Getting going
Doing research
Doing field work Survey
Notes on recording
Digital Images
Submitting data

Field Monument Identity
Photographic guidance
Writing a site description
Glossary of terms
Raising awareness

Heres the section on Recording


Making accurate and consistent documents of what you discover and interpret in the field is an essential part of creating a good record. To help you do this we have produced a field recording form and guidance notes which will enable you to collect all the vital information necessary to update the RCAHMS database. The guidance notes take you through how to complete the recording form, including sections on how to write a site description and definitions of the different types of site you are likely to encounter. We have also created an on-line form which will enable you to submit the data you collect to the RCAHMS database, where it will make a real contribution to our knowledge and understanding of these sites and help preserve them for the future.

So there you go…  I tip my hat….   a template and a standard to match!


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  1. My cousins and I, in our spare time and when weather permits, are taking digital photos of the crumbling walls that are all that remain of the homesteads in the Cabrach, in the upper Deveron valley, which in our childhood and youth were the homes of our friends and cousins, uncles and aunts and in some cases great-grandparents. We are also in the winter evening noting down our reminiscences about these days. We are in our seventies. I was very interested in the article in the Leopard of 2007 about your work in Strathdon, Strathdee and the Garioch.

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