Volunteers needed to save Skylab!

In 1968 NASA ordered two identical flight qualified space stations (Skylab) built along with 3 full
scale training mockups.  Guess what happned to one!

Thats never going to work in space!One flight version, the 1st US Space Station was flown in 1973 and orbited the Earth until 1979; the second flight element is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum. One full scale mockup, used by astronauts and engineers at MSFC during the 3 crewed Skylab missions (73-74) was on display for many years at the US Space and Rocket Center (USRC) located in Huntsville Alabama. Several years ago the Skylab exhibit was moved outside. The original temporary weather coverings have failed and Skylab has suffered the effects of rain, sun, wind, plants, dust/dirt, mold, animals and vandals.  Right now the Skylab artifact is nearing a point of no return.

To save Skylab the Alabama/Mississippi section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and
Astronautics (AIAA) started the Skylab Restoration Project (SRP). AIAA is seeking volunteers
to help save this unique part the US Space Program. 
If you’re interested in volunteering for SRP please send an email to microgravityguy@yahoo.com. Our 1st effort will be to stabilize the situation and remove (save) as much historic material as possible. 

Each volunteer will be given a US Space and Rocket Center Volunteer badge. 

They are ready to start taking action to save Skylab.Like the low budget set of Star Trek
They are asking us to help raise funds to build structures (not a major building) for holding the 4 Skylab elements. They are asking for 3-20ft domes @ 6K each and one 40ft dome for 16K. Once each Skylab element is enclosed work can being again. We can have buildings erected as we raise funds (we raise 6K, one building goes up, etc). Once enclosed, restoration will begin again.  When completed Skylab will go back in the main museum. We need donations! Our paypal link is active again. Any amount us welcome. Also any structure can be named after a major donor.  They are not asking for our money but for us to pay for the new structures to hold the elements.
Please email me if you have any questions or to help tom.hancock@saveskylab.org.

Find out more about this incredible modern archaeology/conservation project!



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