Back Pay – ex employees in the UK

Many archaeologists in the employ of any commercial units tied into the county council pay scales will be pleased to hear that the final percentage rise they have been awaiting has finally been agreed and backpay from april should soon be arriving in this months pay!!!2.47% is now yours!!   
pay cheque
And as a quick heads up to those who have flown the nest if you have worked at a county council or ex-county council unit/ trust at any point between April and now you will be entitled to receive backpay on the wages you earned during you time spent there so get pestering your old employer.   The law is that :
there is a 3 month time limit on claiming backdated pay…(where it is the law and free to claim) after which you have to pursue through civil claims…

The interesting question is this…..

If you come to BAJR and say pay award pending on the advert.. we will pay the new rate as soon as it is sorted…. however when it comes to it… you exclude all those employed by you prior to August (apart from your permanent staff) – then basically all those folk would have been paid under the BAJR rate and so breached the terms and conditions of being allowed to advertise.

I know that most people I talked to about this agreed that although it would be trouble, they would honour the pay rises with everyone – paying people what they would have got, if the pay rises had gone through….

Don't let them take yer cash!If there are some companies who decide against this course of action.. AND on checking have used BAJR with – pay award pending or similar, thus giving the impression of a backdated payrise being give… please let me know :…

There may be little legally I can do to help… other than the 3 month claim law… but I will help where I can.

The call of “FAIR’S FAIR” springs to mind!

Recover what is yours…  !


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